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☆VK mp3 rotation!

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☆----Welcome to seek のページ! I'm seek and this is my j-music rotation. ^^'' I'll also post stuff like reviews and other randomness about things I like.----☆

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☆---Comment if you take something please. I won't do this anymore of no one says please or thank-you. ^_~
☆---If you really like something you got here, go to cdjapan.com, support the band and BUY THEIR CDS!!!
☆---You may direct link AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT THE SOURCE. *Ahem*...meaning me. If you don't I'll hunt ya down. Seriously, nothing is worse than stealing other people's links; if it's not your's, don't be an asshole and claim it as such.
☆---Polite requests for music will be answered, demands will not. n_n
☆---I'm more than happy to re-upload expired links. However, it's not like I check them* so if you'd really like something that's expired, just leave a comment and I'll re-up it for you as soon as possible. =D

*(However, I do check for hotlinks so watch yourselves.)

·.·´¯`·.·Other Stuff·.·´¯`·.·

☆---If you want to contribute music, links, pics, or band info please do! I will give credit for contributions.
☆---Ask and you shall receive.
☆---Enjoy the music!

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♥, seek.

~About seek.~
Call me Niko in person, seek or haruru on the internets. I like any kind of music from anywhere except country...ew...>_< My favorite is Japanese and Chinese. <3 I enjoy collecting more music, spending time with my lovely asian man ^_~ *wink*, sewing, and practicing theatrical make-up on any willing (or unwilling) participants. I have a car and a job. *pats self on back* I like cute things(especially those little plush dolls you can hang off your bag), as well as lovely technology, cell phone charms, cooking, Andy Warhol, boots, green tea flavored things, and free stuff. :D